Gulfcoast SCORE

The Gulf Coast Chapter of SCORE was founded in 1965 as Chapter Number 130. We are an active chapter and have volunteers in several locations here in Mississippi. Besides the Gulfport area, we have counselors in Jackson, Starkville and Belden. The counselors of the Gulf Coast Chapter are experienced business owners and managers who volunteer their experience and knowledge to help small business owners and potential small business owners achieve success.

Client service is the objective of the Gulf Coast Chapter and our volunteer business counselors are dedicated to providing the best possible service. Face-to-face or online, the counselors of Chapter 130 are able and willing to aid in the success of small business. SCORE counselors provide you with in-depth, industry-specific business assistance to help evaluate a business idea or plan, stimulate business growth and ensure long-term stability.

For those wanting to start a business, our counselors can provide assistance in developing business plans, business start-up, assistance in finding funding sources, help in developing marketing/sales plans, help in developing financial plans (balance sheets, income statements, profit and loss statements, etc.), human resources, technology, international trade, and many other areas.

For those prospective clients who are already in business, we will provide all of the above assistance as well as providing a mentor. The mentor will stay with a business as long as needed.

Your local SCORE Chapter also supports the National Cyber Counseling efforts; we have many members that provide professional counseling services via the internet and email. If you are interested in Cyber Counseling you can find out more at our National website, As a Nation-wide organization, SCORE boasts over 347 Chapters, with over 13,000 volunteers. It has been said that our professionals have over 250,000,000 years of practical experience. So don't hesitate if you have a question.

We look forward to serving you soon, let us help you, help yourself. If you have questions about your business, trouble with you accounting system, or simply want to find out how to go into business, we are here to help!